Energy efficiency in steel framed buildings

Energy efficiency in steel framed buildings

New energy efficiency provisions have been introduced in NCC2022 that impact framed residential buildings and pathways for compliance available to designers and builders.

NCC2022 raises the required level of energy efficiency in Class 1 buildings from NatHERS 6-star to 7-star equivalent and new requirements have been introduced relating to the thermal bridging of framing materials.

These changes will impact the design stage, whether modelling is undertaken via NatHERS Accredited software or via the Deemed-to-Satisfy Elemental Path.

The impact on construction of steel framed houses will in most cases be nominal and it is important to understand that the requirement for thermal breaks for steel framed buildings remains unchanged.

This document explains the new requirements and provides examples of some common, easy to install construction solutions that meet requirements following the Deemed-to-Satisfy Elemental Path.

For further details of NCC2022 energy efficiency changes that impact framed residential buildings, compliance pathways, and some common easy to install solutions for steel framed buildings, download our PDF guide. Additionally, watch our informative video for a high level overview.

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