Designing to NCC 2022

Designing to NCC 2022 using steel

ASI has been working with the National Association of Steel-framed Housing (NASH) to develop a number of industry reference documents in areas that relate to changes in the National Construction Code. For each topic you will find information, presentations and technical "how to" diagrams that relate to the design and installation of steel roofing, walling and framing products.

Steel wall cladding

Guidance on good practice and NCC 2022 compliance for the installation of steel wall claddings in residential and commercial / industrial applications.

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Bushfire design

Principles and compliance pathways for residential construction and common installation details for steel roofing and walling.

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Energy efficiency in steel framed buildings

High level overview of NCC 2022 energy efficiency changes for residential buildings and typical construction solutions for meeting 7 star thermal performance.

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Condensation management

The purpose of this document is to outline the principles behind moisture management approaches and to translate the principles to typical Australian steel roof systems. 

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Ventilation in steel roofing

Approaches to satisfy NCC 2022 condensation management requirements for residential roofs in climate zones 6, 7 and 8. 

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Energy efficiency of insulated panels

Provides guidance on utilising insulated sandwich panels to simplify compliance with the energy efficiency requirements of NCC 2022.

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The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) has put together a set of education modules to assist with understanding the National Construction Code 2022 updates, this can be accessed here: Teach yourself with NCC Tutor

The Galvanizers Association have provided the following advisory note which is concerned with the corrosion protection of structural steel in housing and related applications: AD 49: Best Practice for ABCB Housing Provisions