The ASI eLearning portal brings together in one location relevant curated high-quality learning material for all stakeholders involved in and/or servicing the Australian steel supply chain.

We believe education is the best opportunity we have to support a highly effective and efficient supply chain who have a shared understanding of how best to support each other for the good of the community.

The eLearning platform is designed to help meet the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) needs of steel industry professionals via engaging online courses that are available 24/7 every day of the year—you can learn and earn CPD points whenever and wherever bests suits your lifestyle.

The ASI eLearning platform offers a variety of courses for all types of architects, engineers and fabricators, from apprentices and students right through to highly experienced professionals. New courses are being added regularly.

ASI offers a range of course types, including:

  • Full courses: These may range from 2 to 6 hours and are structured as a number of lessons covering different but related focus areas. Each lesson is usually a duration of around 20 minutes maximum, with each followed by a knowledge check (one or more quizzes).
  • Modules: range from 20 min to 60 min duration and comprise one or more lessons.
  • Tech Bytes: short sessions up to approximately 20 min duration, designed to cover a very specific technical issue. Tech bytes are usually followed by a knowledge check.

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