Energy efficiency of insulated panels

Energy efficiency of insulated panels

The National Construction Code plays a pivotal role in setting and regulating standards for the construction industry to ensure that buildings are energy-efficient, resilient, and environmentally responsible. 

The purpose of this document is to provide guidance on utilising Insulated Sandwich Panels to simplify compliance with the energy efficiency requirements and advance the transformation of Australia’s built environment.

NCC2022 brings significant enhancements for the use of Insulated Sandwich Panels in residential applications in both Volumes. The introduction of dedicated tables for insulated roofing panels makes it easier for designers and builders to achieve compliance with energy efficiency standards. Furthermore, the exemption from thermal bridging and condensation mitigations recognises the inherent thermal performance of Insulated Sandwich Panels and streamlines the construction process.

For detailed insights into the energy efficiency of insulated panels, download our informative PDF. Or watch our video for an overview of this topic. 

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