Technical presentation: Paint coatings for steelwork - Perth

Design, specification and application perspectives

The correct specification of paint coatings on steelwork for both corrosion protection and fire protection is critical to achieve the design life of structures. This presentation by experts from AkzoNobel provides the necessary guidance to achieve a cost effective solution whilst achieving the required durability and protection of the steelwork. With a myriad of options available and the risk of failure due to an incorrect specification or application, increased pressure is being placed on the whole supply chain to ensure that correct solutions are being provided for projects.

The presentation will include fire design and how structures requiring Passive Fire Protection (PFP) can be optimised to reduce overall cost and minimise the amount of time required to apply PFP. Standards relevant to passive fire protection and the protection of structural steel will be discussed and AkzoNobel will introduce a new product which can deliver a high quality aesthetic finish and is externally durable.


  • Fire design
  • Interchar 3120 – 100% solids epoxy passive fire protection
  • Standards

Who should attend?
The seminar will provide clarity for all parties in the steel construction supply chain, interested in the design, specification and application of coatings for steelwork.
It will greatly assist:

  • Architects, engineers and those who need to understand and specify the correct coatings for steelwork to ensure best practice and durability.
  • Coating applicators, fabricators and contractors to appreciate the performance requirements, correct application procedures and coatings performance.
  • Procurers and all others in the supply chain needing to understand their obligations with regard to providing the correct coating products and application specifications to embrace best practice to minimise risk.


  • Souma Kichenamourthy, AkzoNobel Passive Fire Protection Specialist, South Asia (supported by local AkzoNobel experts)

Cost (includes presentation and refreshments)

  • $20.00 ASI Member
  • $30.00 EA/AIA Member
  • $40.00 Non-member

Join us for drinks and networking following the presentation.

Engineers and architects attending this seminar may gain CPD points to meet their professional organisation's requirements. EA and AIA members who are not ASI members should email with proof of current membership to obtain the promotion code to access the EA/AIA Member reduced fee.

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