National Structural Steelwork Specification

National Structural Steelwork Specification

The ASI created the National Structural Steelwork Specification (NSSS) as the primary implementation tool for engineers and specifiers to embed the requirements of AS/NZS 5131 in an expedient and rationalised fashion.


  • presents a standardised template for creating project-specific and/or company-specific specifications for structural steelwork
  • relies on AS/NZS 5131 for the definition of good practice
  • clearly articulates all of the ‘particular requirements’ in AS/NZS 5131 that may be required for your project
  • is editable and freely configurable to suit your particular project or company requirements
  • includes a companion set of Standard Drawing Notes that work together with the NSSS and may be all that is required for smaller projects.

Adoption of a consistent national structural steelwork specification will have enormous benefits for all stakeholders in the supply chain in minimising misinterpretation and clearly articulating project requirements, avoiding costs associated with contractual disputes.

The ASI strongly encourages industry to adopt the NSSS, either as is or modified to suit your particular requirements.

Implementation of the NSSS

The NSSS third edition 2023 (PDF) or (Word) or (show tracked changes) and Standard Drawing Notes (PDF) or (Word) are freely downloadable. We encourage you to utilise them.

Relationship to NATSPEC specifications

The ASI worked closely with NATSPEC during the development of the NSSS and, in turn, worked with NATSPEC to review their implementation of AS/NZS 5131 in their national specification suite.

Whether you use the NSSS or NATSPEC documents, you are assured of a consistent and robust specification implementation.


AS/NZS 5131 and the new National Structural Specification (incl. COR) V1.0 (PDF)