What is the ASI Environmental Sustainability Charter?

What is the Environmental Sustainability Charter?

Established in collaboration with the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), the ASI Environmental Sustainability Charter (ESC) has been able to drive meaningful improvement in the environmental footprint of its certified steelwork fabrication companies.

The ESC was set up by the ASI in 2011 to fulfil the need to create a mechanism for construction companies to determine and identify a sustainable steelwork supplier. It also provides a tool for fabrication companies to demonstrate their commitment to reducing their environmental footprint and to work towards this in a continuous and structured way.

Charter-certified fabricators can be used in projects by regulators, environmental rating bodies like the GBCA (Green Star), state authorities such as rail and road, and any other body wanting to demonstrate environmental improvement in their project through their contracting process.

Charter membership is designed for downstream steel enterprises associated with steelwork fabrication or processing, demonstrates a company‚Äôs commitment to environmental improvement and is of particular importance where a company is required to achieve an accreditation as a contractual requirement. This commitment is audited and certified once a year by an ASI nominated auditor.

Any company applying for ESC certification must operate a structural steelwork fabrication or processing facility in Australia.

What benefit can I gain for my project by using an ESC-certified company?

A GBCA building project can gain a point towards its Green Star rating by the use of an ESC-certified steelwork fabricator (ref. GBCA Mat-5). This provides reassurance to the constructor that steelwork is being fabricated by leaders in the environmental sustainability field.


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