Environmental Sustainability Charter

ESC has been superseded by Steel Sustainability Australia (SSA)

The Environmental Sustainability Charter (ESC) has been superseded by the Steel Sustainability Australia (SSA) Certification Program. We are no longer accepting new membership applications to the ESC.  Existing ESC Certifications are valid until 30 June 2023 and will be continued to be recognised for Green Star projects registered under the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) Design and As Built rating. 

From 1 July 2023 all current ESC Charter Members will be required to be certified to the new SSA Program. SSA certification is recognised for Green Star projects registered under the GBCA Green Star Buildings rating. 

To apply, or to find out more about SSA certification, visit: www.steelsustainability.com.au or contact us on ssa@steel.org.au

ESC Certification is valid until 30 June 2023, from which date ESC Charter Members will be certified to the new SSA Program.

Assesses and verifies environmentally sustainable steelwork suppliers against industry best practice

Access to Green Star points under GBCA As Built projects

Demonstrates management commitment to environmentally sustainable operations

Demonstrates transparency and encourages communication on sustainable environmental management

Demonstrates collection and verification of environmental data

Demonstrates continuous improvement to reduce carbon footprint in steelwork operations

Certified compliance to BS 8555 Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

Independent auditing and verification on sustainable environmental practices

What is the Environmental Sustainability Charter (ESC)?

Established in conjunction with the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), ASI’s ESC is a certification scheme to assess and identify sustainable steelwork suppliers against industry best practice for environmentally sustainable operations in steel processing.

The Charter is designed for steelwork fabricators, steelwork processors and contractors to demonstrate the company’s commitment to, and continual improvement in environmental management through their in-house steel processing operations. The Charter specifies the implementation of an environmental management policy and communication framework as well as projects that continually reduce the company’s carbon footprint through initiatives such as energy efficiency, scrap management and recycling and capital upgrades. 

Performance is documented through an environmental management system (EMS) which is verified annually by a third-party auditor and certified against best industry practice to a level of performance under the Charter. 

A GBCA project can gain a point towards its Green Star As Built rating by using an ESC-certified steelwork fabricator (ref. GBCA Mat-5). 

For further information on gaining points towards GBCA's Green Star rating, refer to the ESC information sheet

State Authorities, regulators, engineers, builders, environmental rating agencies, and any other contractor looking for a steelwork supplier can be assured that ESC certified companies are complying to environmentally sustainable practices in their steelwork operations as assessed against industry best practice. 

For further information, contact ssa@steel.org.au or call 02 8748 0113