Reports and Publications

Reports and Publications

Access Tech Notes, survey results, and journal articles in order to gain an in depth understanding of the sector and the internal and external factors that influence it.

Fabrication Capacity Utilisation Survey Results (Member only resource)

ASI steel fabricator members were surveyed throughout 2020 to determine the level of existing steel fabrication capacity that was being utilised during each quarter. The purpose of the survey is to help build a picture of the extent to which local steel fabrication capacity is currently sitting idle. The perception amongst many decision makers that there is a lack of local capacity is often cited as a reason to go offshore for steel fabrication, and we want to counter this using credible facts and data drawn from ASI membership. The results can be viewed below.

ASI provides a range of technical documentation for our fabricators.

Tech Notes

Tech Notes address a range of issues, typically design-related. Browse the page to find those relevant to fabricators.

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Steel Construction Journal

All editions of SCJ going back to 1967 are available online to ASI members. Become a member to access all journals.

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Guidance Notes

Our series of Guidance Notes are currently under development. Check back soon. Become a member to access all Guidance notes. 

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Fabrication and Erection

The Australian fabrication industry is characterised by a diverse range of fabricators operating across a range of markets from industrial buildings to complex structures in the oil and gas markets.

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Steel Industry Capability

The structural steel fabrication community in Australia has the capability to work with clients to meet project challenges and can leverage local expertise and innovation capital.

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Steel Industry Capacity

The local fabrication industry has invested heavily in innovation, with new plant and automation expanding capacity and improving efficiency.

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