Structural steel decking  - video

Structural steel decking - video

Video:  Structural steel decking involves the use of a formed galvanized steel decking which acts as both permanent formwork and tensile reinforcement for the concrete. The decking sheets are light to handle and easy to lay, and can be purchased to order in custom-cut lengths.  Composite decking is ideal for use over steel supporting beams, but can also be readily incorporated into masonry or reinforced concrete construction. When the floor is designed as a series of single spans, the tensile reinforcement for the slab is provided by the steel decking itself. Then, the only additional reinforcement needed is a light secondary mesh to take care of shrinkage and temperature effects (17s).  The ASI would like to thank Alfasi for their contribution to the suite of site erection videos included in this Structural Steel Resource Kit.

Structural steel decking - video
Publish Date
03 May 2018

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