Key factors impacting super performance

AustralianSuper analyses factors that affect super 

As investors buy and sell shares based on expected growth and returns, they become vulnerable due to unstable global conditions. 

Factors that impact this include: 

  • Inflation / cost of living. Increased living standards and inflation impacts business confidence, therefore it’s harder to predict business performance. As a result, the share market suffers as investors become apprehensive 
  • Interest rates. Central banks around the world have been increasing interest rates to reel in inflation. Rising interest rates aim to reduce consumer spending to lower inflation
  • Global conflicts. Geopolitical tensions are a key risk for the investment market outlook, as they have the potential to negatively impact growth and cause inflationary pressures 

With a focus on managing the portfolio through the current market cycle, AustralianSuper’s 350+ investment team is looking to help members reach their best financial position in retirement. It’s good to remember that short term fluctuations are a part of the economic cycle and super is a long-term investment. 

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