Joint Statement

Joint Statement from ACTU, Ai group, ACCI, BCA

The ACTU, Ai Group, ACCI and the BCA launched their 'Statement on Common Interests on Skills and Training' ahead of the Jobs Summit.

Australian Steel Institute (ASI) is a contributor to discussions with these agencies by representing our members at regular meetings.

The media statement highlights "Australia must tackle today's workforce and skills shortages and must modernise skills and training systems to respond to current and future opportunities and challenges. To do this, unions and business groups have worked together to outline reforms for the mutual benefit of learners, employers and employees, and the Australian economy and society at large.

It is recommended that the Albanese Government work with industry (both unions and employers) and State and Territory governments on a number of important issues:

  • Urgently establish Jobs and Skills Australia, as the agency responsible for producing advice to government and industry partners on economy-wide workforce needs to guide the allocation of skilling investments.
  • Invest in Vocational Education and Training by providing real and sustained funding increases to ensure the system meets labour market needs and increases accountability, with reforms focussing on learner outcomes.
  • Reinvigorate and adapt Australia‚Äôs apprenticeship system by increasing funding from the October 2022 budget. Investment must increase apprentice wage subsidies, provide incentive completion payments for both employers and apprentices, and payments for mentoring programs for apprentices.
  • Guarantee foundational skills, including digital literacy, for all Australians. This should be done through updating the National Foundation Skills Strategy for Adults to recognise the impact of digital disruption; refreshing national language, literacy, numeracy, and digital skills strategies to include tangible and realistic KPIs to ensure accountability; and expanding funding for initiatives to deliver relevant training.
  • Support lifelong learning to ensure the workforce adapts to ever-changing needs through incentives to upskill and increasing the delivery and integration of more flexible training options.

To read the 'Statement on Common interests on Skills and Training' in full click below: