Introduction to Steel Detailing video

Introduction to Steel Detailing and Construction Modelling

With the support of the Australian Construction Modellers Association (ACMA) the Australian Steel Institute (ASI) has produced a webcast seminar “Introduction to Steel Detailing and Construction Modelling” which is currently being developed into an ASI eLearning course.  The eLearning course will consist of a series of videos and associated quizzes with a certificate available on completion of the course. 

The course content was prepared by Paul McLeod, Director of Tekcon Services  Paul is an experienced Steel Detailer and Construction Modeller with over 25 years’ experience in steel detailing, education, business training and marketing. 

With a shortage of experienced Steel Detailers currently occurring in Australia, this timely course  will provide those interested in Steel Detailing and Construction Modelling with an introduction to the background, processes, procedures and software involved in this key part of the building industry supply chain.  

The course is broken into 3 parts:

  • Introduction to Steel Detailing/Construction Modelling
  • Fundamentals of Steel Structures from a Construction Modeller’s perspective
  • A Deep Dive into Construction Modelling

ACMA has arranged for the video associated with part 1 of the course to be available to view free of charge. You are welcome to use the video to assist in your communication with potential Steel Detailers/Construction Modellers and trainees.

For further details, please contact John Gardner, ASI National Education Manager – Technical at