Huge energy savings for ASI members

Huge energy savings for ASI members

With energy prices soaring, ASI is offering members a new service to cut costs. A partnership with Australian-owned and operated energy consultancy Choice Energy offers members a range of packages to slash energy bills, consume less power and reduce their carbon footprint. 

One of the first members to use Choice Energy under the new partnership is a South Australian steel fabrication company, which will save more than $3,000 a year under a new Choice deal. 

Other steel businesses among Choice Energy 9,000 customers nationally include steel frames and trusses manufacturer AUSTRUSS, which is saving $1.79 million over 25 years by converting to commercial solar –and Victorian-based BB Truss, which is saving $20,000 per year over 25 years through the use of solar. 

Choice Energy partnerships manager Alex Townsend said he would encourage all ASI members, like AUSTRUSS, to explore ways to consume less grid power and save on their energy bills. “As a socially-responsible company, they wanted to understand how they can reduce their carbon footprint and become more environmentally sustainable. After reviewing many solar companies, AUSTRUSS chose to partner with Choice Energy because of our holistic energy management model and solar performance guarantee.” 

Choice Energy obtained consumption and demand interval data from the electricity network provider and was able to design a commercial solar system offsetting the business’ peak energy consumption during sunlight hours. “The system is financed in a way that means no upfront capital investment and the repayments are less than they were paying previously for grid power, so they didn’t need to find a budget – and this meant the system was cashflow positive from day one,” Townsend said. The system was self-funded by AUSTRUSS and did not require finance, but had they financed it would have been cash flow positive. 

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