Help your super

With the start of a new financial year, ASI partner AustralianSuper has issued five steps to help members control their super:

  • Choose a super fund that works for you. Consider things like strong long-term investment performance, low admin fees and a profit-for-member approach, where returns go back to members.
  • Consolidate your funds. If you have more than one super fund, you could be paying more than one set of fees. 
  • Combine multiple accounts into one fund. This can potentially save you thousands throughout your working life.
  • Add more when you can. The more you add to your super, the better chance it has to grow. Making extra contributions could also make a big difference to your final balance.
  • Check your insurance. Did you know most super funds provide some form of insurance cover? Check you have the right cover for your lifestyle, and you’re not paying more than you need to.
  • Stick with your fund. Sticking with the right super fund is one of the simplest ways to grow your super. By doing this, you may be better placed to achieve the retirement lifestyle you want. Remember, everyone's financial journey is unique, consider seeking advice to suit your needs at each life stage.