Dry July 2024

Dry July 2024

Your help is needed for people affected by cancer.

The Australian Steel Institute (ASI) on behalf of the steel industry is coordinating a Dry July campaign to help raise funds for people affected by cancer. 

Dry July is more than just giving up alcohol. By going Dry this July, you have the chance to raise important funds for people affected by cancer. Perhaps you know someone who has been affected by cancer in someway?

Having a month off alcohol also has great health benefits. By doing this together as a team, you can build teamwork and collaboration, support each other and encourage a healthy lifestyle all for a good cause. 

ASI company members BlueScope, Orrcon Steel, Southern Steel Group, Liberty Primary, and Ahrens Group have already registered for the ASI campaign. 

Add your company’s name to the ASI’s Dry July list - and help raise funds for this VERY worthwhile cause. Funds raised through the Dry July campaign are distributed to cancer organisations across Australia.

Sign up in 4 easy steps:

1. Sign up here to first create an individual profile. This should be created by the team leader

2. While logged in, click on 'Join or create a team', then click on 'Create a team'.

Enter the name of your team, select the type 'Workplace', then click the create button.

3. Invite staff members to join your team by clicking on the button 'invite team members'. You can invite staff members by sharing the URL of your team.

4. Email Dry July coordinator Abby (Abby@dryjuly.com) to let her know you've signed up to the ASI campaign, and your results will be noted on the ASI leaderboard.

For any enquiries or issues, please contact Steven Andrew, ASI Marketing Manager on 0473 480 964.