Business sponsorship for visas

ASI offers help to businesses wanting to sponsor overseas workers

An ASI information pack to help steel businesses sponsor overseas workers is now available on the ASI website. 

The pack covers the sponsorship process, who can become a sponsor, who you can sponsor, where to go for help and available visas. 

With limited exceptions, jobs must be on the Federal Government’s skilled occupations list and provide minimum annual salaries of $53,900. 

The information pack is targeted at steel jobs most in need, including welding, fabrication and maintenance.

A variety of safeguards ensure job opportunities go to Australian workers first and don’t disadvantage Australian workers, including:

•    Requiring market salaries for sponsored workers

•    Limiting occupations to those determined to be in demand by the Department of Education, Skills and Employment

•    Employers must contribute to the Skilling Australians Fund

•    Overseas workers required to hold relevant Australian registrations, licences and certificates

•    Skills, English language, age and work experience requirements.