Above-average growth forecast for construction

The construction and manufacturing sectors are expecting above average growth in the next 12 months - a positive sign for the steel industry. 

Latest research from ASI corporate partner Banjo reveals 78% of manufacturers and 73% of constructors believe there will be above average growth. Inflation continues to be a challenge for the manufacturing sector, but this will be balanced by an ability to pass on price increases, reduce costs and use technology to mitigate the impact. 

The increasing number of corporate delinquencies in construction doesn’t appear to have had an overly detrimental impact on recruitment with employees finding work elsewhere. 

The flow on benefits that post-pandemic immigration is creating for the housing sector supports this confidence. The findings are from Banjo’s SME Compass Report 2023.  To download the report click here

Banjo, one of ASI's corporate partners, is a company provide financial solutions for a myriad of applications including:

  • Asset purchases
  • Loan consolidation
  • Tax liability payout