Membership Terms & Conditions

ASI Membership Terms & Conditions

By applying for membership of the Australian Steel Institute (ASI) on the website (the Website), you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

The Australian Steel Institute (ASI) is the peak industry body of the Australian steel industry and membership is conditional upon the terms contained in the organisation’s constitution. You should refer to Clause 2 which is specific to applications of membership and Clause 3 for conditions of qualification for membership. The Constitution refers to the cessation of membership, Clause 5 and the Board’s power to terminate membership, Clause 5.2.

1. Membership applications – online

This refers to the availability of applications for membership of the ASI via the ASI website. In this process certain information is required in order for an application to proceed. This information is protected under the conditions of the ASI Privacy Policy. The process for applications is addressed in Clause 2 of these terms and conditions. All applications are taken in good faith but approval of membership applications is conditional upon the clauses outlined in the constitution.

2. Membership applications – online process

  • Choose the type of membership and complete the online application form.
  • The system will require payment of the assigned amount in line with the level of membership being applied for.
  • Submit the application and an email notification of the application will be received by the primary contact on the application.

Applications received to become a Member of the following Membership Class:

  1. Manufacturer
  2. Distributer
  3. Fabricator
  4. Professional
  5. Associate

Are subject to an approval process. For some Membership Classes, you will be advised the membership fee upon approval. Once approved, and membership fee is paid in full, you will be entered in the Register when you become a Member.

For Sustaining Member  Applications

An application received to become a Sustaining Member is subject to an approval process.  The application will be referred to the ASI Board for its consideration to exercise its discretion to approve or reject the application. Upon acceptance of your application, you will be advised of the membership fee.  Upon payment of the membership fee, you will be entered in the Register when you become a Member. 

3. Payment methods

  • All prices quoted are in Australian dollars and include GST.
  • Credit Card: Mastercard and Visa are accepted. Payment is taken at the point the order is processed by our online system.
  • For payments by EFT – see 10. Contact below.
  • All bank charges and fees for payment of transactions are the responsibility of the purchaser, and the full invoice amount should be paid payable to ASI.
  • Membership will not be valid until payment in full is received.

4. Membership applications - Acceptance process

Applications for ASI Membership received via the online application system will be processed to acceptance/rejection within ten (10) working days from receipt. During this time you may be contacted by ASI. In the following event:

4.1 When your membership application is accepted:
You will receive confirmation from ASI with details of the member benefits and website access information. At this time any other issues can be identified and addressed.

4.2 If your membership application is declined:
If a member application has been declined by the Board under Clause 2.3 of the ASI Constitution, the applicant will be notified of this decision and in no case will ASI provide its reason(s) for the refusal. You will receive a refund in full of any fees paid within ten (10) business days of notification.

4.3 Specific conditions of individual and academic library subscription/subscribing agent
Membership or Subscription period is from 1 July to 30 June of the next year. These categories are not offered on a pro rata basis and are not transferable. Members in these categories are entitled to purchase one copy only of each publication at the Member rate.

5. Cancellation of a membership

Section 5 of the ASI Constitution deals with the numerous ways in which you may cease to be a member:

(a) By resignation

(b) Cancellation of membership by Directors

(c) Other reasons for ceasing to be a member such as bankruptcy or death

6. Refunds and Returns

Where a registrant is entitled to a refund in accordance with Clause 4 of these terms and conditions, the amount will be returned to the original payer and by the same payment method as the original payment. Australian Steel Institute will use its best endeavours to make the refund within ten (10) business days.

6. When the applicant ceased the application process prior to completion

If the applicant decides to withdraw an application after payment has been made to ASI, but before the completion of the acceptance process, the applicant is entitled to a refund of the membership fee less the $55.00 joining fee which was waived at the beginning of the online application process. The joining fee is identified on the website under Membership Fees and Clause 4.2(b) of the Constitution. Refunds will be received within ten (10) business days.

7. Membership renewals

Controls in relation to membership of ASI are contained in the Constitution, Clauses 4 and 5.

Membership of ASI is an annual prepaid fee due on 1 July of each year under Constitution Clause 4.2(b) and (c). If payment is not received within thirty (30) days after this date ASI can deem the member non-financial and suspend member benefits until payment is received under Clause 4.3. The system has been designed with a ‘Grace period’ and will allow members to receive benefits until 31 July of the same year. Prior to this date the system will send an email reminding the member that the member fee remains outstanding to allow the member to settle their account before member benefits are suspended. Payment in full of the account after this date will reinstate the member’s benefits.

If a member has not settled their account by 31 July of that year they will be automatically cease as a member of the ASI under Clause 4.3. Whilst the organisation can still login to the system they will be automatically prompted to settle the account without further access. To avoid the loss of member benefits the ASI advises all Members to ensure fees are paid promptly.

8. Communication

8.1 Marketing Communication
As part of your initial membership application, you will be added to the marketing communication mailing list. You may unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time for marketing communication by pressing the unsubscribe button at the bottom of any marketing communication emails. If you do unsubscribe, but later would like to elect to receive marketing communication from us, you can do so at any time by logging in to and email preferences are located on your dashboard.

8.2 Renewal of Membership notices
You agree to receive your annual renewal of membership notices for the purpose of renewing your membership each year by email. 

8.3 Notice of General Meetings
By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you agree to receive all notices of general meetings (including annual general meeting held once each financial year) by electronic communication unless you wish to receive such communications by post.  If you wish to receive notices of general meeting by post, please contact us directly using the contact details in 10 below.

9. Power of the ASI Board

In all matters relating to membership the ASI board is the prevailing authority. These powers are identified in Clause 5.2 of the ASI Constitution.

10. Membership support

For any enquiries relating to ASI membership please contact the Member Services Manager on 02 8748 0188 or at
Australian Steel Institute
(ABN)/ACN (94) 00 973 839
Ground Floor, 25 Ryde Road, Pymble, NSW 2073, Australia
+61 (0)2 8748 0180

Date of publication: 13 December 2022