Valmont Australia

Valmont Australia

Valmont Australia

Industrial Galvanizers is Australia's largest galvanizing group, with  eight sites operating 10 galvanizing ‘kettles’ across four States: NSW, Queensland, Tasmania and Victoria. Turnaround time is just a few days (usually <4) and the silver bullet service guarantees a next day completion kettle sizes range up to 14m long 2m wide 2 9m deep meaning tough long-lasting zinc coating can be applied steel fabrications 18 5m in length overall industrial galvanizers has capacity provide corrosion protection more than 140 000 tonnes of each year serves key customers mining infrastructure engineering commercial residential building industries

As well as general galvanizing, the company also provides freight for customers who would like a pick-up and drop-off service. Industrial Galvanizers offers product packaging options that deliver a quality zinc coated product, professionally presented and consolidated for the end user. In addition to galvanizing structural or fabricated steel, it also has spinning (centrifuge) plants in NSW, Queensland and Victoria that allow coating of large numbers of smaller items such as fasteners, fittings and components.

Quality certificates (to Australian Standard 4680 or 1214) and Coating Thickness reports are available for all galvanized work (although conditions apply). Industrial Galvanizers also provides a Corrosion Mapping system that gives customers an indication of the potential life of a zinc coated item, depending where it is used.

As part of the global Valmont Group, Industrial Galvanizers operates in an environmentally sustainable manner.
















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