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KMS Engineering is pleased to offer a high-quality fabrication service to your company and Australian Industry in general. With over 40 years’ experience behind us we have developed an enviable reputation, which is supported by a substantial and growing client base.

We are committed to client satisfaction and understand the importance of the following key areas of any commercial relationship.


Our simple philosophy of employing the best people available right across the organisation is a major factor in ensuring a high-quality outcome at all times. Our managers, supervisors and trades staff are backed by years of successful industry experience.

The manufacturing procedures we use are time proven and closely monitored during all phases of manufacture, and are chosen as fit for purpose for the complexity of task involved. Control of our welding processes is of prime importance.

As a matter of course, we fabricate and weld to a wide variety of Australian and International standards covering normal structural fabrications to complex pressure vessels. Clients receive appropriate documentation in the form of a Manufacturers Data Report verifying that all aspects of their specification are met, including material trace ability, welding and welder procedure qualifications, weld maps, heat treatment and protective coating process integrity, and dimensional conformity.

Delivery Reliability

In order to maintain an impeccable delivery record, we follow the basic principle that we do not make promises we cannot keep. We understand the importance of delivery in our clients achieving their project goals and are determined to contribute to their success.

Our forward workload is monitored on a continuous basis and our capacity has some degree of flexibility based on employment of additional labour and increasing working hours. However, we believe that our success is based on the current correct organisational balance and that this must not be jeopardized by over-committing capacity and trying to accommodate a large workload. Fluctuations of the following key areas of any commercial relationship competitive pricing maintaining the correct organisational balance has provided us with a lean overhead structure,

KMS Engineering provides very low hourly rates. This combined with substantial fabrication knowledge and fit for purpose QA/QC provides our clients with very competitive pricing, which is essential in the current industry environment.

Manufacturing Capability 

Our building and cranage, processing, welding and materials handling equipment provide us with a capability to handle a wide range of jobs from small to heavy fabrications, in a wide variety of modern engineering. Our capacity for the year ranges from 19,000-24,000-man hours every year and with the combined capacity bumping it up to 30,000 – 35,000.

In addition, we have companies in direct alliance with us capable of an additional 50,000 hours.

So, no job is too big or out of our reach.


We have developed excellent relationships with our key suppliers, including raw material, material processing, heat treating, metal finishers, weld inspection and transporters, which are an integral part of reliable delivery and quality outcomes. Our specialist fabrication knowledge is also offered to clients during the design phase of a project, often providing more cost-effective solutions. KMS Engineering can also offer an onsite installation capability covering mechanical installation, site fabrication, and pipe work.


The complexity of work undertaken requires us to work to the highest safety standards. The experience of our staff has provided us with an excellent safety record and a working environment that ensures the maximum degree of personal safety for clients and employees. In conclusion, KMS Engineering proudly offers our services to your company in the knowledge that your full range of requirements shall be fully satisfied. We look forward to discussing business opportunities with you and shall contact you in the near future.


KMS Engineering have the space experience and flexibility to ensure we meet all your needs. We also work in with other companies rather than compete, this keeps our industries work in Australia and gives us an edge above the rest.




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