Hobson Engineering Co Pty Ltd

Hobson Engineering Co Pty Ltd

Hobson Engineering Co Pty Ltd

Hobson Engineering was established in 1935 and is 100 percent Australian-owned. Hobson is one of Australia's leading distributors of Hex bolts and nuts, screws, allthread, stainless fasteners and hardware to the commercial, construction, mining, manufacturing and petrochemical industries.
Hobson carries out the most comprehensive independent fastener testing program in Australia. All high tensile product is heat batch tested by an independent NATA laboratory certified for the testing of fasteners. Hobson supply the highest quality fasteners through reliable service and provide an extensive stock range for high-tensile, low-tensile and stainless fasteners.
Hobson also supply innovative products such as the Squirter® Washer and TDX® Screw.



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Hobson Engineering Co Pty Ltd

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