Structural Compliance Certification

If you are a manufacturer or installer of any type of support structures, you want three basic things.

  1. You want to know that the structure is suitable for its intended use.
  2. You want advice on how to achieve an optimal outcome.
  3. You want validation via independent certification that the system is compliant with the relevant standards.

You get frustrated when Engineering firms do not listen to you and your customer's needs. All you want is to be sure that your product is suitable for the solution you are selling, as you do not want to risk promising something that you cannot deliver to your customer. You should be able to get timely advice to be able able to propose a solution to your customer.

We understand that you are the experts in providing solutions for your clients. We will listen to your requirements and help create the best possible solution for you and your client, not just a compliant engineering solution.

Four steps to success:

  1. Schedule an appointment to discuss your proposed solution.
  2. Allow us to determine if your solution is structurally sound.
  3. Sell your solution to your client.
  4. We provide you with structural design documentation and compliance certification.

By allowing us to guide you through these fours steps you will be transformed from Nervous, due to unknown construction or fabrication factors that could blow out your budget, to Confident, in providing a known compliant solution to your customer with no surprises.

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