Distribution Centre membership

Distribution Centre members

Businesses that warehouse, process, sell and/or distribute steel products and are appointed distributors for one or more ASI manufacturer members

All memberships are based on the financial year and through until 30 June.  

Distribution Centre members

Distributors - a vital cog in the Australian steel supply chain

ASI Membership will expand your networks, provide key market insights, reach new clients.

ASI is the strongest voice for local content and we are uniquely placed to lead consultation, engagement, communication and advocacy on behalf of the entire Australian steel supply chain. 

  • As a Distributor member you can be assured that we will support you through leadership, advocacy, education and resources. 
  • ASI supports all elements of the steel value chain. 
  • We advocate on sustainability, quality and supply chain transparency- driving domestic advantage.
  • Distributors are important supply chain partners to build logistics capability.
  • ASI provides guidance for transportation of steel goods to meet CoR responsibilities and access to Load Restraint Guides.
  • We facilitate value chain networking – by providing expertise in content to deliver to your customers.
  • ASI creates industry networking and best practice sharing opportunities for our Distribution Centre members.
  • We provide industry training to facilitate use of steel in structures and technical/vocational training to improve workforce capability and improve career path attractiveness.
  • Our aim is to continue influencing & promoting industry broadly to help drive investment
  • Applicants for Distribution Centre membership are referred to the ASI Board. The Board is directly responsible for approving an application and setting the membership fee. On the Board’s advice ASI then invoices the applicant. 
  • Once the invoice is paid the new member will be able to receive the benefits of membership. This process does take time with decisions coinciding with ASI Board meetings.
  • All memberships run from July of one year to June of the next. Pro rata fees are not offered.
  • All employees of your company can receive full member access to all resources, member benefits and discounts.

Distribution Centre Members

Discover the benefits and rewards of becoming an ASI Distribution Centre member.

Benefits of a Distribution Centre membership

Supporting jobs, supporting growth in the industry, supporting highest quality certified steel products and supporting Australian steel as the steel of choice.

Get involved in Advocacy

Play an active part in supporting the steel supply chain by advocating for better and fairer conditions

Build industry connections

Grow your network

Be part of the steel community

Get involved in group consultation, special interest groups and committees to solve challenges and promote and support Australian jobs

Promote your company

Advertise your company on our Industry Directory Listing

Educate and train your employees

Discounted member rates for all employees to our events & webcasts


With like-minded professionals and sub-committees

Steel Australia magazine

Delivered to your door or inbox

Annual Steel Convention

Bringing industry stakeholders together

Free member login for all employees to access our 20,000+ resources in steel

Largest online elibrary in steel in southern hemisphere

Provide your employees with the right resources

eBooks; Bookshop; Library loans

Focus area resources

To promote the importance of quality, compliance and best practice

Technical advice

On steelwork design and construction

Personal development and education

Online eLearning courses for all employees at member rates. Certificates are provided for CPD hours

ASI logo

Company members can use our ASI logo to demonstrate their support of the Australian steel industry


Steel Excellence awards, Health & Safety Awards, University Awards

Member Exclusive Offers

Offers just for you - savings and discounts

Need to know more?

Supporting Australian jobs, supporting growth in the Australian steel industry, supporting highest quality certified steel products and supporting Australian steel as the steel of choice