Engineering Projects 2024

Engineering Projects

Up to $10,000,000 for the application component.

State winners of the Steel Excellence Awards will be nominated for the Australian Steel Institute’s National Australian Steel Excellence Awards, presented at the 2024 Australian Steel Excellence Awards Gala Dinner in Sydney.

The application fee of $450 is payable at the point of submitting your entry. You may enter the same project in multiple categories for only one entry fee. Please ensure that you use the same project name and email address for each entry and you will only be charged for the first submission.

Select the state where the project is located to start your entry. Entries can be saved and edited before submitting.

The closing date is Friday 28 June 2024, 11:59pm.

308 Exhibition St - Winner - Engineering Project 2022

Judging Criteria

ASI’s Steel Excellence Awards highlight the remarkable quality and innovation throughout the entire supply chain. Entries will be judged according to the criteria outlined below.

Overall Design Merit (20 points)

The application should address innovation in design, using predominantly Australian steel, efficient use of materials, substantial engineering or architectural merit.

Construction Efficiency (10 points)

This criteria covers demonstration of the advantages of Australian steel, speed of construction, safety and containment of overall project costs. The application needs to demonstrate that the project was examined for the long-term corrosion environment and that a fit-for-purpose corrosion and maintenance system was chosen.

Environmental Sustainability (10 points)

The award entry should demonstrate the use of predominantly sustainable steel. This can be for example, obtaining a longer life out of the construction by future proofing, designing for repurposing or deconstruction or dematerialisation by use of high strength Australian steels. The use of sustainable Australian steel suppliers, Australian steel processors and fabricators (refer to the ASI Steel Sustainability Australia scheme). Awareness and consideration of LCA and the AGIC or GBCA, use of steel with Responsible Steel® certification schemes would also be valued.

Buildability (10 points)

Practicality for fabrication and erection, effective documentation for tendering and throughout the building process. Effective use of data transfer technology such as construction BIM. Effective engagement of design teams with construction teams. Working with the fabricator/erector to ensure selection of standard members, penetrations, optimisation of costs using standardised connections, bolted connections and provision for shop welding rather than on-site and practicality and safety of erection. Note this criterion should reference the issues associated with providing sufficient standard of design detail for efficient transfer of data without reliance on RFIs. Reference can be made to the Australian Construction Modellers Association (ACMA) design document checklists for architects and engineers regarding documentation. Refer to

Entry inclusions

  1. Completed entry form.
  2. Name and location of the project – locations at which the various parts of the work were performed.
  3. Date the project was completed. All projects must be substantially complete (steel components) by the closing date of entries for each category and completed within the previous two years from the closing date.
  4. Names and contact details of the client and the companies associated with the project: architect, structural engineer, head building contractor, Australian steel fabricator, distributor or manufacturer, Australian steel detailer and coatings supplier. The name of the metal building contractor is to be provided for entries in the Australian Steel-Clad Structures Building Design Award category. 
  5. Description and images of the project. A minimum of six high quality images illustrating the project's construction and completion, including the completed connections; 700 words describing the project submitted as a PDF document. You may include a PowerPoint presentation (preferably up to 4MB but no greater than 10 MB in size) to be used during the judging process.