Sponsorship of the ASI


The ASI's corporate sponsorship offer includes a variety of activities and media focused on embedding your brand and services in the minds of our membership and extending this further across related associations and businesses with which the ASI is engaged or influences.

The activities available in this offer include communication and brand identification, national awards and convention, state awards and other networking events.

1. Communication and brand identification

This activity includes prominent brand presence on the ASI website and in the quarterly steel Australia magazine. This is a combined activity that enables immediate brand establishment with the membership through the website presence and the process of high-quality reinforcement in our magazine. This would take the form of a full-page advertisement with another page contribution on an agreed subject to complement the feature of the particular issue of the magazine such as workplace safety. (Duration of corporate support by mutual agreement).

2. Australian Steel Convention

The Australian Steel Convention represents the premier annual national event for the entire steel industry, design sector and the clients that we service. This is an opportunity to stand beside the largest businesses in the Australian steel industry and demonstrate a commitment to the ASI’s membership. Focused on equipping the Australian steel industry with the information and the tools needed to navigate a changing landscape, qualify, differentiate, compete and win business, the Australian Steel Convention provides a great opportunity for your brand and business to engage with the Australian Steel industry.

The Convention opportunities available include:

  • Exhibition booths
  • Event sponsorships – Gala Dinner, Meet and Greet and Women in Steel Breakfast
  • Tailored sponsorships – Speaker, Drink bottles, Stationery and Satchels
  • Major sponsorships

3. ASI National Excellence Awards

The presentation of the National Steel Design Awards, Sustainability Awards and the National Health, Safety & Logistics Excellence Awards are convened as a stand-alone event providing the prominent platform these awards deserve. Opportunities to associate your brand with the excellence the Awards provide are highly prized. Sponsorship provides you the opportunity to present Award categories, display your brand prominently and even play a commercial on the big screen.

4. ASI State Steel Excellence Awards

The Steel Excellence Award presentations, held every two years, provide sponsors with a unique opportunity to engage the architectural, engineering and building fraternity as well as the steel supply chain. Your brand will be up in lights with the best Australian-designed building and infrastructure projects, giving you the exposure to reinforce your association with excellence. Sponsors are also offered to present awards to the winners at the event. Your support for the Awards will be highlighted in all promotional material and on the ASI website.

5. Other networking events

The ASI has an extensive educational program each year for its members and other interested parties. This program usually takes the form of breakfast briefings, half and full-day seminars. The seminars are for the purpose of technical knowledge or business advice to improve the effectiveness of the steel supply chain and promote steel as the material of choice in construction. The majority of these seminars are conducted as a national series and an example of these events is the Economic Briefings. On agreement, these may represent an opportunity to provide a speaker for a brief subject related presentation.

Contact Phil Casey on philc@steel.org.au for more information.