Australian Steel Industry Capability and Capacity

Australian steel industry capability and capacity

Australia has a highly skilled and well-equipped steel supply chain that has evolved over many years.

Thousands of businesses throughout the country provide steel manufacture, design, detailing, fabrication, surface treatment and construction services. These industry players have a long history of successfully working together to deliver major projects in Australia, providing clients with seamless, efficient, cost-effective steel solutions.

Choosing to partner with the Australian steel supply chain will help ensure:

  • Optimum mitigation of risks
  • Cost containment
  • Supply surety
  • Input quality
  • Enhanced safety

In short, the Australian steel supply chain has a proven track record working to deliver major projects in Australia, resulting in optimum risk mitigation for project proponents and their partners.

The ASI has prepared the document Capabilities of the Australian steel industry to supply major projects in Australia (version 3.0 June 2024) on behalf of its members and the wider steel industry. It is a summary of the structure, capabilities and capacities of the Australian ‘steel value chain’ and provides a background into the business environment in which the industry operates. The main purpose of this document is to provide an overview of the industry and highlight the advantages of using Australian steel supply, fabrication and services for major projects in Australia