Committees and groups

ASI Committees and groups

A significant component of the value that an industry organisation such as the ASI can bring to members and our steel community lies in its ability to act as a bipartisan forum for like-minded individuals and companies to come together to address industry issues and concerns.

The ASI actions improvement in our industry through our committees and groups, which can facilitate a number of beneficial initiatives such as:

  • addressing safety concerns in particular industries
  • identifying and actioning training initiatives to address identified industry needs
  • supporting improvements in our codes and Standards through specific working groups
  • developing plans for new codes and Standards where identified as needed. Our work to develop the ASI Fabrication and Erection Code of Practice, the subsequent AS/NZS 5131 and our National Structural Steelwork Specification are examples of this
  • planning awareness campaigns to improve steel intensity and local value
  • identifying and developing technical guidance
  • actioning the many facets of sustainability
  • working with industry to action deliverables in connection with enforceable undertakings. Our body of work with Brookfield Multiplex to develop the ‘Practical guide to planning the safe erection of steel structures’ (PDF) is a very good example of an outstanding result in this regard.

Our committees and groups may be either longer-term foundational committees, addressing fundamental needs of the steel community, or shorter-term special purpose groups created to action specific issues.

The attached pages detail the mandate and relevant contact details for a number of our existing committees and groups. We encourage you to make contact if you wish to be involved in any of these groups or wish to discuss the need for a specific new group or committee with the ASI.