Steel Erector

Steel Erector

A steel erector is responsible for creating the ‘skeleton’ frameworks for construction projects of all shapes and sizes. The erector’s work begins after fabrication is complete and the site is ready.

A steel erector might move into a related role such as welding. With further experience you might move to senior roles such as site supervisor or construction manager. You might also become an instructor passing on knowledge to trainees.

What does a steel erector do?

Studies blueprints, drawings and specifications to determine job requirements

Carefully plans the rigging sequence

Assembles the metal framework of structures by fitting together steel girders and beams

Cuts, shapes, lines up and levels steelwork before bolting it in place

Fixes safety netting and edge rails

Works on-site, often at heights in elevated work platforms and scissor lifts

What qualifications do I need?

There are no specific educational entry requirements, although Year 10 is preferred. Training starts in construction, usually as a builder’s labourer, followed by an apprenticeship. 

Examples of TAFE courses:

  • Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Rigging Certificates
  • Certificate III in Rigging
  • Certificate III in General Construction, specialising in Dogging, Rigging or Scaffolding

What skills do I need?

  • Teamwork and communication
  • A good head for heights and physical fitness 
  • Good understanding of maths and English 
  • Enjoy working with your hands
  • Ability to read plans and drawings 
  • Enthusiasm, punctuality and precision

Average salary

A typical entry level position starts from $80,000 per year and with more experience and expertise can increase to $160,000 + per year*.

*Salary or wage variations may depend on region and state, industry sector or the amount of overtime worked.

Why opt for a career in steel?

The steel industry has a profound impact on our daily lives. From the cars we drive, and the houses we live in, to the roads and bridges we travel across every day, the steel industry shapes our world. With a career in steel, students can play a part in this vital industry. Access our resources below to engage your students with the steel industry.