The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) recently made public its wholehearted support of the ASI’s response to its challenge to create a charter and environmental management scheme that helps downstream steel processors embrace sustainability. As conveyed in the 11 March edition of its GBCA News, it regards the program aligned with a revised Green Star 'Steel' credit as having had “a transformational effect on the steel industry in Australia” since its release in 2010. One of two available Green Star 'Steel' points is awarded when structural steel comprises at least 60 percent of the total steel used in the structure and at least 60 per cent of this is supplied by a steel fabricator or contractor accredited with the ASI’s Environmental Sustainability Charter (ESC) program. GBCA Chief Operating Officer, Robin Mellon was quoted saying that the ASI “is to be congratulated for its leadership which is making a real difference to the entire steel supply chain”. “This approach has engaged the entire steel supply chain to embrace more environmentally sustainable business practices. The Charter has supported downstream manufacturing, fabricating and supply companies that are an integral part of the entire supply chain. “The result is better, greener buildings and a better, greener supply chain," he said. The article also included a number of comments from those ASI fabricators recognised in the Institute’s 2013 national awards program, Central Engineering in Queensland and Manuele Engineers in South Australia. The full article can be found here.