The ASI has welcomed the successful passage of the new Customs Amendment (Anti-Dumping Measures) Bill 2017 on 19 October aimed at closing gaps in Australia’s anti-dumping system.

This legislation establishes an expanded range of methods for the Anti-Dumping Commission (ADC) to prevent foreign exporters from ‘gaming the system’, such as by taking advantage of movements in market prices to resume or initiate injurious dumping.

ASI Chief Executive, Tony Dixon said the new legislation would strengthen Australia’s antidumping regime in line with other major industrial economies.

“It’s great to see both major parties and the crossbench working together for the benefit of Australian industry in supporting this important WTO-compliant legislation,” he said.

“This is particularly important for the steel industry which has in recent years been disproportionally impacted due to the international overcapacity in steel supply.

“It is important that these changes are administered quickly and smoothly. We look forward to seeing how the changes work in the implementation stage.”