AS 4100 Steel Structures Design 2024

AS 4100 Steel Structures Design

In-person seminars coming to a capital city near you in February 2024

AS 4100 Steel Structures Design

Returning for 2024 this seminar is a refresher on the use of AS 4100 designed to put the basics of engineering theory into the context of how they apply to the clauses of AS 4100. This will assist designers when using AS 4100 to appreciate the applicability of relevant clauses and help with many ‘grey areas’ of design. The seminar will improve designer knowledge in the fundamental but critical aspects of analysis and steel design whilst maintaining a practical application to real structures. A balanced weighting of all aspects of the design process will be provided so that attendees leave educated on the approach and application of AS 4100 Steel Structures Design rules in determining the design capacity and structural adequacy of steel elements.  

Who should attend?  The seminar will be beneficial for all structural engineers, particularly those who are not frequent users of AS 4100 or need their skills updated.  For experienced engineers, this is your opportunity to get expert feedback on issues of concern or clarification of code requirements.

For regular users of AS 4100, the seminar will provide higher level background understanding facilitating application of advanced methods and intent for extraordinary situations. The seminar will also include awareness of the expected revisions to AS 4100.

Key topics:

  • Limit State Design
  • Tension
  • Compression
  • Bending
  • Combined Actions
  • Questions

These seminars will take place in February 2024. Check back here for further details and to make your booking in coming weeks.

Tim Wilkinson is Professor in civil engineering at the University of Sydney. Tim has previously worked for the Australian Steel Institute responsible for the second edition of the Open Section Design Capacity Tables, before completing his PhD research in the field of tubular steel structures. He has nearly 25 years experience in research and teaching in steel structures and holds close knowledge of many Australian and International design standards in the field of steel structures, especially AS 4100. Tim is currently a member of Standards Australia committee WD-003 on Welding Structures and has had a longstanding involvement with the international tubular steel research and marketing group, CIDECT. Tim has presented previous ASI seminars on AS 4100 and is well known by his many graduates as a most passionate teacher and engaging presenter.  Tim and a colleague recently received international commendation from the Institution of Structural Engineers for their work on “'Interactive teaching and real-life projects for structural engineering education in the post-Covid era".