Seminar: Connecting steel to concrete - Sydney


Learn more about reducing risk in the design of post-installed and cast-in fasteners with international expert Professor Rolf Eligehausen.

Fastenings to concrete are often poorly understood, and numerous high profile failures throughout the world have been attributed to a lack of guidance to the engineering profession.

Make sure you know how to ensure your design is safe!

Designers have failure loads as part of the anchor design. Unless installation is done well, then the failure loads will be much lower and therefore not ‘as designed’, leading to failure.

This joint ASI/AEFAC seminar will cover:

  • The key areas in anchor design covering both post-installed and cast-in anchors
  • Factors and design principles including various failure modes in tension and shear, as well as the design of supplementary reinforcement
  • How the underlying design methodology embedded in Standards Australia Technical Specification 101 'Design of post-installed and cast-in fasteners for use in concrete' (SA TS 101) may be used in the building industry to design safety-critical fastenings to concrete that comply with the requirements of the National Construction Code (NCC).

12.00pm for 12.30pm start to 5.00pm finish 

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Light lunch on arrival
Afternoon tea 

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