Responsible Steel Forum II

ResponsibleSteel™ is the only truly global multi stakeholder scheme focused on moving the steel industry worldwide towards a more sustainable future.

ResponsibleSteel™ Forum II is the opportunity for all the stakeholders along the world’s steel supply chain to meet and collaborate in the development of an industry response to these many challenges.

Forum II will also be the opportunity to take part in the launch of the ResponsibleSteel™ Standard and Certification Scheme.

You are invited to come, be part of and contribute to this exciting milestone in our industry’s journey towards a
sustainable future.

Forum sessions will include:

  • Meeting our labour and human rights responsibilities
  • Incentivising and rewarding environmental achievement
  • Showcasing Australian sustainability
  • How international steel makers are already shifting toward sustainability
  • Why the market expects sustainability now
  • Financial and funding implications for steel businesses
  • Water Stewardship Council: Lessons for steel
  • Multi-stakeholder panel discussion: Why sustainability matters
  • Upstream collaboration: How is the mining sector tackling sustainability issues?
  • International perspectives
  • Key standards criteria explained: What RS means for safety, emissions, raw materials and more


Sunday 1 Dec: Welcome Reception 6 pm to 10 pm
Monday 2 Dec: Sessions 9 am to 5 pm
Tuesday 3 Dec: Sessions 9 am to 4 pm

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