ASI eBooks

ASI has launched the first eBook in the ASI's Bookshop collection. Over the next year we will be making further eBooks available for purchase through the Bookshop.

How does this work?

eBooks are currently sold on the single user licence or subscription basis. The licensee, who is registered with a login on the ASI website (either as ASI member or Guest), gains access to their eBook/s via their own Dashboard. This Dashboard provides a 'digital locker', not only for eBook purchases, but also for eLearning modules, invoices, seminar notes and CPD certificates.

ASI eBooks are not PDFs. They are readable online only and may not be downloaded or printed.

Who does the single user licence cover?

The eBook is licensed to the licensee only and may not be transferred to any other party without the permission of ASI.

It is up to the licensee to inform ASI of any change to their email address and therefore to their login.

Corporate purchasers should note that the eBook remains the property of the individual licensee, even after that person leaves the company, unless the company administrative contact for ASI makes a request for the transfer of the eBook to another colleague within the company.

How does the subscription model work?

An eBook subscription covers access to a publication or set of publications for the period of 12 months, licensed for a choice of 1, 2, 3, 5 or 10 concurrent users.

A concurrent user licence means the right of any person listed within a licensee organisation, who is registered on the ASI website, to access and use the product at any one time.

The eBook or set of eBooks covered by the subscription are delivered to the Dashboard of the person who made the purchase. This person will be designated an 'Admin Contact' in their ASI record, and acts as the organisation’s contact for the subscription. All contacts linked to the company will have automatic access to the eBook/s and the Admin Contact may, via their Dashboard, invite any number of new members of the organisation to gain access to the subscription.

The eBook/s are then accessible to each organisation member via his/her own personal Dashboard. The number of people within the organisation who may access the product at any one time depends on the number of concurrent user licences purchased.

About tekReader for ASI eBooks

tekReader is a powerful and sophisticated eBook reader that delivers high quality technical documentation on the device* of your choice. It is a rich web application therefore it can be used on any platform. Responsive and adaptive web design provides an optimal user experience. tekReader offers multiple viewing options and navigational aids as well as an excellent search capability and the ability to take notes and highlight sections.

There is no need to install or download anything when using tekReader as it is directly available from your browser. The eBooks are designed to be used online and are not printable.

tekReader eBooks can be viewed using any modern browser. We would recommend using Chrome for an optimal user experience when viewing some of the complex tables contained in some of the publications. Other modern web browsers may offer a gradual degradation scenario for complex tables.

* There may be certain older devices that are no longer compatible.

ASI single-user licensed PDFs

ASI licensed PDFs are encrypted and password-protected PDFs that are issued to one user only. The licence permits the user to saving the PDF to one location only and to print one paper copy.

The full Digital Licence Agreement for both ASI eBooks and licensed PDFs can be found here.