The ASI’s latest Steel Excellence Awards for Victoria and Tasmania reflect the current housing boom with half the winners being residential projects. Australia's first conventionally erected multi-storey apartment building using light gauge steel (LGS) won in the Buildings - Small Projects category. Originally designed in concrete, then converted to timber and finally to LGS, the design team for Number 9 Apartments capitalised on the ability to mirror unit designs in detailing software to save significant time and improve accuracy. Australian coated steel was integral in all primary external elevations of the Steel Clad Structures winner, Valley House in Launceston which was also accorded the Tasmanian Steel Award. Inside, the abode also features custom lighting incorporating profiled coated steel product. The redevelopment of Margaret Court Arena in Melbourne with 1500 extra seats and a retractable ‘folded plate’ and acoustically lined roof topped the Buildings - Large Projects category. And an innovative structural steel system that provides an open, sweeping path for cyclists and pedestrians that weaves between busy CDB road and the Yarra River with minimal environmental impact won under Engineering Projects. These winners each go on to vie for the national honours in their respective categories to be announced at the Gala Dinner of the Australian Steel Convention at the Hyatt Melbourne on 12 September.