The 2018 Australian Steel Institute Scholarship in Civil and Structural Engineering was recently awarded to Rami Zahr, a fourth year engineering student at the University of Adelaide. The steel industry has provided funding for this award (which is administered by the ASI) for many years.

Zahr received the award for his steel design project, which involved designing a laboratory structure.

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Adelaide, Peter Rathjen, spoke of the importance of student awards to both the donors and the recipients. He told the story of Howard Florey, who graduated from the University, and—as a poor student—relied on an award to continue his studies. Howard Florey went on to develop penicillin, for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize.

Zahr is keen to become an engineering designer after he graduates and is interested in having an ongoing involvement in steel design. David Ryan (Executive Consultant, Australian Steel Institute) attended the presentation ceremony, which was held at Bonython Hall at the University of Adelaide.