The benefits of choosing steel over other construction options for multinational property developers and construction businesses were highlighted at a presentation by Grocon’s Technical Design Manager, John Beattie and Director of ASI fabricator GFC Industries, Ron Kandell on 13 November at a special ASI-organised presentation in Melbourne that generated 135 registrations. Mr Beattie said steel framed buildings were often cost competitive when compared to other construction alternatives such as with One McNab Avenue, Footscray where Grocon expects a 10 to 12 week construction time saving. Another benefit offsite fabrication offered was a reduction in onsite deliveries. He said using structural steel framing meant an area four times greater could be constructed compared to a concrete frame with the same number of estimated deliveries. The structural steel alternative also resulted in a decrease in total weight such as from achieving 40 percent lighter floor structures. With safety being a key construction consideration, he noted that structural steel solutions eliminate various onsite activities such as stripping formwork and as structural components get to site ready to install, wastage is also reduced resulting in clearer work sites. Mr Kandell said perimeter safety handrails and void infill penetrations were two key GFC-initiated improvements incorporated into Grocon’s recent projects. He said that this ‘safety in design’ process eliminated the need for site surveys, blocking out penetrations, cutting and removing decking systems at a later stage lessening associated high risk activities.