An impressive contingent of ASI members bolstered numbers which marched on WA Parliament House on 15 March, for a rally involving a reported 5000 supporters. ASI chief executive Don McDonald who was at the event said it drew excellent engagement with political leaders. Both the WA Premier, Colin Barnett and Opposition Leader, Eric Ripper addressed the rally assuring those assembled that addressing the issue was high on the agenda. The rally also spurred vigorous debate in WA Parliament for about 90 minutes following the event rally where the case and issues were discussed in depth. ASI State Manager - WA, James England, along with the other advocacy campaign partners, UnionsWA, the Australian Manufacturers Workers Union and the Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers Australia each addressed the rally. The event attracted considerable media coverage including TV (ABC and channels 7, 9, 10, 44, GWN), radio (ABC, NOVA, 92.9 FM, 6PR), and press (The West Australian, Oil and Gas Gazette, WA Business News, Sunday Times, Sound Gazette). The rally capped off several months’ effort which has already drawn public acknowledgement by the WA Premier that major steel fabrication workshops are operating at under 30 percent of capacity and of the need to break down steelwork packages into smaller packages to provide local industry with fairer opportunity to bid for work, and assurances that WA workshops will be full soon with upcoming resource-related work. The Premier had a series of meetings with the ASI and the top four fabricators on 8 February, followed two days later meeting with the chiefs of major WA proponents followed by taking the CEOs of Woodside, Chevron, BHP Iron Ore and Rio Iron Ore to visit workshops and met the owners of the four major fabricators. Meanwhile, WA Labor has drafted a private members bill on strengthened local content to be presented to Parliament by month’s end. Further details: ASI National Manager – Industry Development, Ian Cairns. Tel: 03 9694 4499 or Email: