The ASI has welcomed the South Australian Government’s plans, announced on Tuesday to introduce a new Bill into Parliament later this year enshrining the role of Industry Advocate into law.

ASI Chief Executive, Tony Dixon said the Bill announcement clearly demonstrates the South Australian Government’s continued commitment to maximising opportunities for local industry.

“The planned Bill to formally recognise the Industry Advocate role will help to reinforce the Government’s appreciation of the value-add delivered by the Advocate engaging closely with local industry to generate job opportunities and support valuable skills retention,” Mr Dixon said.

“The intended legislation will help to shore up the independence of the Office of the Industry Advocate role to continue to collaborate widely with the steel sector for the SA Government’s Steel Initiative and provide ongoing support and acknowledgement of the valuable contribution the steel industry is making in this State.

“The Advocate plays an essential role and has been successful in supporting our industry to foster higher productivity and efficiency through the Industry Participation Framework, to grow and have confidence to invest in even greater capability.

“South Australia has a highly efficient and innovative steel sector competing widely across the national Australian market that has been recognised by the Advocate as a sector to invest in as a strategically important industry for this State,” Mr Dixon said.