The ASI is renewing its call to the Australian Government to set the right example to local industry by vigorously pursuing their own policy of providing Full, Fair and Reasonable opportunity to local industry on taxpayer funded projects.

This latest call urges that the Government give local businesses a ‘fair go’ by introducing an Australian Jobs First policy to its recently announced infrastructure stimulus packages. “The ASI is not promoting protectionism, as incorrectly reported, and has long supported free trade policies,” said ASI Chief Executive, Don McDonald.

“We maintain that it is reasonable for governments to ensure Australian industry is afforded early and meaningful engagement in bidding for infrastructure projects to ensure that the stimulus package does what it is intended to do, help Australians keep their jobs. We think there is more that both the Federal and State governments can do to provide greater opportunity and encouragement to include Australian content in their stimulus packages.” He said that an Australian Jobs First policy would not imply a ban on imports, but simply make a preference provision to spend Australian taxpayers’ money on saving jobs in Australia.

“This is about all Government infrastructure expenditure in the stimulus package to maximise job security throughout the vital steel industry chain. Most of our members are SMEs like fabrication shops, detailer drafting offices, galvanisers, building contractors, distributors and service centres with very tight operating resources. In effect, we are only asking for the government and subsequently the contracting chain to observe the existing AusIndustry policy of providing Full, Fair and Reasonable opportunity to local industry, a policy which the ASI has been supporting and publicly advocating for some time, but does not always happen.”


Name: Ian Cairns
Phone: 0417 426 002