ASI welcomes the news today of the South Australian Government's new procurement framework.

The new procurement framework requires State government agencies to focus on economic benefit to the State from their procurement activity and ensure local businesses are given every opportunity to quote and tender for government work.

Mark Cain, ASI CEO, was one of several industry representatives who participated in a series of industry round table sessions which informed the development of this framework.

Key recommendations from these sessions included:

  • State Government procurement needs to be more transparent to local industry participants, there needs to be better scrutiny and more detailed reports on local procurement outcomes for Govt projects.
  • For any Govt project over $55k, at least 1 SA business should be invited to quote
  • The procurement outcomes of projects need to be published, along with local content outcomes
  • Feedback needs to be provided to local businesses who miss out on tenders
  • In addition to the Value for Money considerations, public authorities will be required to consider the economic benefit of the procurement to the South Australian economy

Click here to read the full press release from the South Australian Government