The ASI has just published the second tranche of its connections design guides with the latest professional advice on steel connections to AS 4100.

The release of the five new ASI publications follows the successful release of the ASI’s Simple Connections series in late 2008, all of which have been developed with assistance from the Australian Government’s Industry Cooperative Innovation Program. ASI Chief Executive, Don McDonald said that the new technical publications authored by Tim Hogan represent current World Best Practice in steel design. “The rigid connections series are up to date and a ‘must have’ design tool for engineers who all have a responsibility to keep their design information current and compliant with all requisite standards and codes,” he said. “The new publications contain load capacity tables which will speed up the design process considerably. Reduction in design time equals better productivity.” The guides substantially revise the previous advice provided in Design of Structural Connections (Fourth Edition, 1994) known as the ‘green book’. The Simple and Rigid Connections series are only available from the ASI.


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