Commitments to the ASI’s recently established Environmental Sustainability Charter (ESC) now collectively exceed a quarter of a million tonnes of Australian structural steel capability.

The ESC currently covers 22 of the country’s foremost steel fabricators from all mainland Australian states which have a combined maximum annual capacity of over 280,000 tonnes of steelwork. The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) has acknowledged the scheme in the awarding of one Green Star point for builders who contract an eligible ASI Charter Member.

ASI National Marketing Manager, David Ryan who runs the scheme, said that steelwork contractors who have signed up to the scheme were generally those who were in the building market and who were looking at showing leadership in the environmental area. It is well recognised that BlueScope Steel and OneSteel have ISO 14001 environmental management schemes at their steel manufacturing plants in Australia and are members of the Climate Action Group in the global steel manufacturers association, worldsteel.

“We sought to implement a steel sector sustainability strategy to engage the whole supply chain to adopt more sustainable behavior,” Mr Ryan said. Those achieving Charter status need to satisfy the auditor on a range of requirements in the 5-step EMS process, including a published and management endorsed sustainability policy, and monitoring progress towards sustainability using the BS 8555 standard.

Membership is open to all members of the steel supply chain but only steel processors, fabricators and contractors are eligible to gain the GBCA point. Charter members must commit to 10 environmental improvement points including having a sustainability policy in place and publicly available, operating an annually-audited environmental management system and monitoring key resource consumables like water, energy and fuels as part of knowing their carbon footprint, and implementing reduction programs and targets.


Name: David Ryan
Phone: +61 2 9931 6608