The ASI has welcomed the leadership conveyed at this week’s national meeting to address non-conforming building products flooding the local market and urges a widespread approach be taken to address the issue across building construction. The ASI contributed to the Canberra roundtable discussion on 26 November convened by Australian Parliamentary Secretary for Industry, the Hon Bob Baldwin MP. ASI Chief Executive, Don McDonald who attended the meeting acknowledged that while there was widespread recognition of the issue the product non-compliance problem was getting worse across all parts of the Australian construction sector. “It is even more critical to assure the quality of all building inputs given the high safety risk to the workforce and public as well as the expensive rectification costs and delays,” he said. “Industry stands ready to work with Government to provide solutions such as industry-based compliance schemes.” A recent Australian Industry Group survey alarmingly reported that 95 percent of respondents in the steel product sector experience non-conforming product in their supply chain. “It’s crucial that building structures are safe and durable and urgent efforts must be taken to address these issues head-on,” Mr McDonald said. “Governments have a clear role, not only as regulators but also in procurement for public construction projects as being in the national interest.” The ASI supported the recent publication of the Australasian Procurement Construction Council (APCC) guide on product quality recognised as best practice. “We call on governments to support the approach outlined in the APCC guide in their own purchasing at State and Federal level, educate the building construction community and communicate the WH&S implications of non-compliant product,” he said.