Up to 50 percent of Australian building construction products are non-compliant according to evidence from the Federal Government sponsored Australian Industry Group (AiGroup) survey. This is of major concern for engineers in the safe design of structures. Most developed countries in the world have a steelwork quality compliance scheme that has been able to regulate non-compliance. The Australian National Structural Steelwork Compliance Scheme is based on the European/UK compliance model and is a risk based fit-for-purpose approach to steelwork compliance.

This joint Engineers Australia/Australian Steel Institute presentation will explain the Steelwork Compliance Scheme in the context of the determination of these risk based construction categories which are largely based on the Building Code of Australia (BCA) importance levels.

What will you need to do? The Fabrication and Erection Draft Code of Practice is nearing completion, the new Australian Standard is on track, Australian fabricators will commence being compliance audited in the 4th quarter, 2014 and engineers will need to be familiar with construction category determination from September 2014.

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