Building projects across Australia can benefit by using downstream steel contactors who have committed to a new Environmental Sustainability Charter (ESC) as have in each State.

Membership of the new Charter by downstream steel processing businesses is required for builders to attract one of the two new green points available under the Green Building Council of Australia’s (GBCA) revised Steel Credit points rating scheme.

The new Charter was created and is managed under the auspices of the ASI as the peak body representing the steel industry. Where steel is purchased from a sustainable steel supplier (Australian manufacturers qualify), one point is obtainable if 60 percent or more of the steel used in a project is supplied by an ASI ESC member for structural steel framed buildings.

To date, steel fabricators and processors which have committed to the ESC are:

  • Mass Steel (ACT),
  • Edcon,
  • National Engineering,
  • Nepean Engineering,
  • Rondo Building Services,
  • Sebastian Engineering (NSW),
  • Beenleigh Steel Fabrications,
  • Scott and Ensoll,
  • Steel Fabrications Australia (QLD),
  • Advanced Steel Fabrications,
  • Manuele Engineering,
  • MWS Engineering,
  • Samaras Structural Engineers (SA),
  • Alfasi Steel Constructions,
  • GVP Fabricators,
  • Monks Harper,
  • Page Steel Fabrications,
  • Stilcon Holdings (VIC), and
  • Pacific Industrial Company (WA).

ESC membership is open to all members of the steel supply chain but only steel processors, fabricators and contractors are eligible to gain the GBCA point. Charter members must commit to 10 environmental improvement points including having a sustainability policy in place and publicly available, operating an annually-audited environmental management system and monitoring key resource consumables like water, energy and fuels as part of knowing their carbon footprint, and implementing reduction programs and targets.

The aim of membership is to drive good business and environmental outcomes throughout the whole steel supply chain.


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