An Australia-wide series of presentations is planned to outline how the nation’s building materials industries are working in tandem to develop a standardised way of fully assessing environmental attributes of construction inputs.

With a price on carbon imminent in Australia, the importance of understanding environmental impacts will be more significant to all involved in the building sector. The Building Products Innovation Council (BPIC) comprising the significant material groups supplying the Australian building industry has just completed a significant Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) project.

Three years in the making, this project effectively standardises the way the environmental credentials of building materials are analysed to reflect specific Australian conditions. The ASI cooperated with nine other peak industry bodies to develop the new Building Products LCI tool which is on par with World Best Practice. The project is jointly funded by the BPIC) and AusIndustry’s Industry Cooperative Innovation Program with substantial input from the building material groups, including the ASI.

The seminar series will cover Canberra (28/2), Melbourne (16/3), Brisbane (23/3), Sydney (30/3), Perth (7/4), Hobart (13/4) and Adelaide (28/4). For more information, check the Events section of this website for your State, or email the BPIC contact at


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