The ASI has welcomed a report in the 17 January edition of The Australian newspaper, entitled ‘PM’s plan to save industry jobs’. ASI Chief Executive, Don McDonald said measures are urgently needed due to the lack of domestic demand in the steel and heavy engineering sectors and especially from the resource sector for which the vast majority of fabricated steel is currently imported. “We have been engaged in positive dialogue with the Government on local content issues for some time, particularly associated with those sectors and we eagerly await details in the upcoming industry innovation statement due to be delivered by Minister Combet,” he said. “The ASI believes that a key component for better industry engagement, flowing to more jobs, would be a robust Australian Industry Participation Plan (AIPP) process and the ASI has put a detailed AIPP policy prescription to Government. To be effective, AIPPs need to be adopted which provide meaningful and transparent disclosure of the levels of engagement and local industry supply by product sector,” Mr McDonald said. “For AIPP processes to support job growth there need to be clear guidelines on implementation, rigorous reporting obligations and strict enforcement of local content policy. We look forward to and stand ready to do whatever we can to support meaningful change by the Government to help deliver Australian jobs and ongoing skills development in the steel and heavy engineering industries.”