Australian designers are often not adventurous enough in their approach to bridge developments as they are in Europe. This was the key message conveyed in a professional forum organised by the ASI and held on 10 March at the Sydney offices of structural engineering member, Aurecon to which eminent Australian bridge designers attended for a round table discussion and to catch up on the latest thinking on UK bridge design and emerging design opportunities from visiting expert, David Iles. He is Manager Bridges for the UK’s Steel Construction Institute (SCI) and has been in demand internationally following the release of a new SCI design guides, Bridges, Composite Highway Bridge Design and Composite Highway Bridge Design: Worked Examples, both available directly from SCI UK. Key topics covered were UK trends in bridge design, guidance for designers, optimisation for cost effectiveness, fatigue issues and bracing. New Zealand’s Heavy Engineering Research Association (HERA) has also completed a very successful two-week round of technical seminars on bridge design lead by Mr Iles. Further details from ASI National Marketing Manager, David Ryan, Tel: 02 9931 6608 or Email: